The mind-expanding follow-up to Imagining the Tenth Dimension is here!
O is for Omniverse – New ways of thinking about the really big picture.

Featuring lavish illustrations by acclaimed visual artist Marilyn E. Robertson, and poems by Rob Bryanton, this book is already getting rave reviews – see below!

O is for Omniverse
Concept and verse by Rob Bryanton
Illustrations and additional text by Marilyn E. Robertson
56 pages, full color illustrated.

Hard Cover
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What are people saying about O is for Omniverse?
“Rob Bryanton has an uncanny talent for simplifying complex ideas and explaining the unexplainable. Like a wise, post-terrestrial, super-professor from the distant future, sent here on a vital educational mission, Bryanton makes complicated, mind-expanding, and often mystifying scientific and philosophical concepts as easy for mere Earthlings to understand as the ABCs. Disguised as a children's alphabet book, O is for Omniverse is a delightfully poetic and richly imaginative journey into the nature of reality, the physics of higher dimensions, and the mysteries of life and consciousness. Utterly charming, beautifully illustrated, and elegantly designed, this is a book to be read aloud, again and again."
-- Psychobiologist David Jay Brown, co-author of Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse and Mavericks of the Mind.

“I count Rob Bryanton among those rarest of thinkers: one whose mind is truly open to all possibilities, who isn't afraid to steer human consciousness into uncharted waters, and whose passion for understanding reality is matched only by his awestruck wonder at the miraculous nature of it all. O is for Omniverse gives us Bryanton at his best, as he takes us on a beautifully illustrated tour of some of the biggest concepts in our multidimensional cosmos. Though written in the deceptively simple form of an A-to-Z children's story, this charming book is sure to expand the mental horizons of readers young and old alike."
-- Tom Huston, senior associate editor of EnlightenNext magazine